Kona Features

Exterior Features

Stylish headlights on Elite & Limited models feature LED technology to deliver maximum illumination while drawing a minimal amount of electricity. Also incorporated within the headlight for added reassurance is a static cornering light which offers extra illumination illumination on twisty roads.

The LED tail lights on Elite & Limited models offer maximum illumination whilst looking both distinctive and stylish. A perfect finishing touch for the dynamic Kona.

Confident and unique, the Kona alloy wheels are optimized for aerodynamics, artfully combining efficiency and style. For an extra dose of style the Kona Elite & Limited features a sporty 18" design.

Heading to the great outdoors or exploring the urban jungle? The Kona comes equipped with standard roof rails with a capacity of 60kg, allowing you to make the most out of your weekend.

Daytime running lights serve two functions: added safety and elegant design. Standard on the Kona, they help you stand out from the crowd when cruising, or be seen better in low light conditions when your headlights aren’t in use.

No need to worry about turning on your wipers during wet weather conditions as the Elite & Limited's rain sensing wipers will turn on automatically when it detects rain or water on the windscreen.

Featuring a black roof and wing mirrors the two tone exterior finish helps your Kona stand out like no other. (standard on Limited and optional cost for all other models)

Kona Exterior Colours

Interior Features

Step inside the Kona Elite & Limited, and its premium feel will strike you immediately. With leather-appointed steering wheel, seats and gear knob, you can immerse yourself in high quality materials wherever you venture.

*Leather appointed may contain elements of genuine leather, polyurethane leather (leather substitute) or man-made materials, or a combination thereof.

Featuring a range of features, including smartphone connectivity and a rear view camera display, the standard 7" touchscreen multimedia system in the Kona brings the crispest, clearest detail into the cabin. 

Destinations can be found easily with the Kona Limited's touch screen satellite navigation system, helping you avoid stress, save time and reduce fuel consumption. Using the 8" touch screen on the centre console, you can access local maps and receive up-to-the-minute SUNA™ GPS live traffic updates, so you can avoid any traffic congestion.

Connect your mobile device using Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto®, and via the touch screen on the dashboard, you can safely enjoy many of your mobile’s features, including using Siri, calling, texting and listening to your music.

The HUD system on the Kona Elite & Limited cleverly allows you to stay looking at the road ahead by projecting key driving information onto the windscreen. As well as showing information like speed and what radio station you're listening to, the HUD system it will also project alerts, such as Lane Keep Assist or Blind-Spot Warning information.

With the Kona Elite & Limited, the days of fumbling for your keys are well and truly over. Push button ignition allows you to turn this compact SUV on and off at the touch of the button – without having to take your keys from your bag or pocket. Faster, easier and smarter, it’s another way the Kona is using technology to change the way you move.

All the driving information you need is easily visible on the Kona Elite & Limited. A 4.2 inch TFT colour LCD supervision cluster is perfectly positioned between the speedometer and tachometer dials. This clever Liquid Crystal Display is bright and clearly readable in daytime, while soft cool blue lighting makes it easy on the eye at night.

In cold weather, the front seats can be heated on the Kona Elite & Limited. To enable the perfect temperature there are three different settings to make even winter driving comfortable.

The driver and front passenger enjoy the ultimate in comfort, being able to set up their seats just the way they like it thanks to a 8-way adjustable power driver seat including 2-way lumbar support and an 6-way adjustable power passenger seat with height adjustment (Elite & Limited models only).

An advanced climate air conditioning system is fitted to Kona Elite & Limited models. Simply set your desired temperature and the car will do the rest of the work, automatically maintaining your selected temperature. In addition, there is an automatic defog system for those chilly winter mornings.

New induction technology on Elite & Limited models lets you recharge your compatible smartphone without connecting a cable, and an alert is triggered should you ever leave your phone behind.

Whether you need to transport passengers and their belongings, or you have some skiing gear for a weekend away, the Kona's 60:40 split foldable rear seats make it easy to configure the seating and boot space to carry as much as possible.

For those chilly days, the Kona Limited includes a heated steering wheel. Within moments of pressing the button the steering wheel will heat up providing a touch of luxury.

As well as the Kona climate control which manages the temperature throughout the interior, the driver and front passenger also have the added luxury of air-ventilated front seats. Fans under the seat cushions pump a gentle stream of cooling air to create exceptional seating comfort, especially when there is high humidity (Limited model only).

Performance Features

For performance that’s more exhilarating, this direct-injected turbo engine generates 130 kW of power at 5,500 RPM and 265 Nm of torque at 1,500 – 4,500 RPM. Having All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) helps it to maintain exceptional grip and dynamic handling even on challenging road surfaces.

The powerful 2 litre Atkinson-cycle 'Nu' engine produces 110 kW of power at 6,200 RPM and 180 Nm of torque at 4,700 RPM, providing exciting performance while being economical at the same time. 

With Hyundai’s state-of-the-art seven-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) system on the 1.6 Turbo GDi, you can enjoy quick and responsive gear changes.  The DCT also helps to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to conventional transmissions, as well as improving performance.

Standard on the 1.6 turbo models, this clever system ensures that the Kona stays in 2WD mode for maximum fuel economy during normal driving. When it needs to, the system will automatically switch to AWD mode, splitting power to the front & rear wheels. You can also engage permanent AWD on the go for especially slippery surfaces. Told you it was clever.

Technology Features

In an emergency manoeuvre, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps keep you on track, while Hyundai’s Traction Control System (TCS) monitors your grip, reducing wheel spin so that you can accelerate on slippery or uneven road surfaces.

When driving at a speed of 30km/h or higher, the BCW function will alert the driver both visually and audibly to vehicles that enter the blind spot, including during lane changes. (not available on Kona L)

Combining radar and camera data, the FCA system autonomously activates the brakes when it detects dangerous and sudden braking by the car ahead or pedestrians on the road. (not available on Kona L)

LKA provides steering intervention to assist the vehicle to stay in the centre of the lane. When the vehicle strays from the intended lane without indicators being activated, an audible and visual warning will be sounded. (not available on Kona L)

A driver protection feature which helps monitor driving patterns in order to detect reckless or fatigued driving and prevent potential accidents. The system analyses various vehicle signals such as steering angle, steering torque, vehicle's positioning in the lane and driving time. If the system detects inattentive driving patterns, an audible and visual alert on the display panel will bring this to the driver’s attention. (not available on Kona L)

Remembering to turn high beam on and off at night can be a challenge. Standard on the Kona Elite & Limited, the HBA system recognises oncoming vehicles and automatically switches between high and low beams at night.

Enjoy complete protection thanks to 6 airbags: a pair of front and side airbags for both front occupants and full-length curtain airbags defend against collisions multiple directions.

The usage of advanced high-strength steel alloy has been expanded to 51 percent of the body structure. To attain unprecedented levels of structural rigidity, critical components were fabricated using advanced hot stamping technology.

The Kona thinks of everything. To help with parking in tight spots, four ultrasonic sensors at the front (Elite & Limited only) and rear of the Kona are automatically activated when you select reverse, giving an audible warning if and where objects are detected.

Having the right tyre pressure is more than just good for your tyres and fuel economy – it’s a safety issue too. The Kona’s Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) displays the pressure for each individual tyre on the instrument cluster, warning the driver if pressure drops.